5 Pieces of Furniture Every Homeowner Should Display

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Some home furnishing trends come and go – and others are classics which will be in style forever. Especially when it comes to period homes, it is important to identify which items are benchmarks and can be displayed proudly for decades to come. Read on for Steve Lively’s interior design top tips when it comes to décor must haves and furniture faux pas.

The Chesterfield sofa

Go to any fine dining establishment or vintage stately home and you will no doubt find at least one Chesterfield sofa. This epic design has been used for centuries, and simply oozes class. It is also a versatile piece which can be displayed pretty much anywhere – it’s not just a lounge staple. Think about placing a Chesterfield in the dining room, the study or even a lobby.


A large mirror

Mirrors serve two purposes; they boost natural light around the room, making it appear more spacious, and they can be a decorative wall hanging. Large mirrors which cover much of a wall can instantly make a room look more expensive and classy. Old fashioned ornate mirrors are a great choice for any traditional room.

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A long dining table

A dining table is of course practical for entertaining, but it is also a style staple when it comes to interior design. The type of dining table you choose can really set the tone for the rest of the room. The most important thing is its size – the larger the better, but make sure there is enough room for people to sit comfortably.


An interesting clock

Once again, this piece of furniture needs to be as big as possible to make an impact. If you live in a grand stately house you may choose an old Grandfather clock. A country home which is more rustic could have a smaller clock which sits on a wooden beam or mantel. As long as there is a clock which adds interest, the room is complete.


A colourful throw or cushion

When it comes to the bedroom and the living room, you need to draw attention to the statement pieces – the bed and the couch. This is easily done with cushions and throws featuring different prints and textures. A fur throw is a classic, or for a lighter and fresher feel a statement graphic cushion can be just as effective.


We think these five item are must haves for every home. We have worked in some beautiful homes which constantly inspire us. Check out our portfolio for decorating and interior design ideas.

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