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Why Should I Choose a Professional Decorator?

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Pinterest, Tumblr, and the internet at large are partly to blame for suggesting that everyone should choose to “do it yourself” when it comes to interior design. In fact, some seem to suggest that not doing it yourself is a failing.  But there are many reasons why people choose interior designers and professional decorators that have nothing to do with being unable or unwilling to handle their own projects. Read More

Why There’s No Shame in Being DIY Shy

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Do It YourselfSome people are very talented with their hands, especially when it comes to DIY and odd jobs around the house. Others are not, and start to sweat if they ever have to hold a hammer or a drill. We’re al
l different and have different skills, so don’t worry if you have never really got the hang of rewiring a plug or the perfect wallpapering technique. Just because you can’t fix up everything yourself doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home. Read More

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