Décor Inspiration for the Lounge

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loungeThe lounge is where many home occupants spend the majority of their waking hours, so having a beautiful, functional, and inspiring lounge is a must.  Here’s a list of some of our favourite inspirational ideas for your stylish main room.

Mixing old and new

vintage vaseWe often think of older design elements as being at odds with more modern accessories, but that’s not always the case.  In fact, if you keep with a visual theme—for example, dark browns, blacks, and cream complemented with geometric prints—you may find that it’s easier to mix the two than you thought. Furniture with simple, clean, contemporary lines can pair beautifully with tribal accents, and vintage vases and lighting elements can be as serenely sophisticated as their most modern counterparts.




Exposed brick

exposed brickGone are the days where an exposed brick wall denoted living in a converted warehouse loft. Today, the rustic simplicity of brick can be used to great effect in elegant, modern settings. Keep the rest of your décor simple and contemporary, and contrast the rough brick with a large, tastefully framed photographic print for a very unique and appealing look.



Pair neutral settings with conversation pieces

Light bright walls, solid complementary colours, and natural flooring might sound boring—but they make a wonderful backdrop for collectors of unique pieces.  A patchwork armchair, a four foot tall folk sculpture, or a hand blown glass lamp might look kitschy in a room that’s cluttered with patterns and conflicting designs. In a tasteful, low-key environment, however, your unique pieces can shine in a more sophisticated manner.

Metallic accessories

metalic accessoryMetallic accessories—with an emphasis on accessories—can be a great way to pull your lounge together.  It’s nothing you want to go overboard on, but a brass end table that complements subdued metallic-brass throw pillows that complement a painting with an antiqued brass frame can create a very subtle sense of luxury.  For a crisper, refreshing take, consider small touches of brushed chrome, or muted silver.




Use open bookcases to create sitting areas

bookcasesOpen, modern geometric book cases can be used to visually separate sitting areas in a large open space. Don’t overstuff them with books, however. Use some segments for small accessories or lamps, to allow your large space to keep an airy feel.  On top of having a stylish way to control the flow of the room, you’ll also have given yourself some extra (appealing!) storage space.

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