How to Keep Your Staircase Looking Fabulous for Years

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An image of a lovely staircase

A grand sweeping staircase is often one of the most opulent and impressive features of a home. Inspired by a long gone decadent era, such staircases can remind us of luxury hotels, majestic palaces and magnificent castles. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your home then you should be sure to maintain it so it doesn’t lose its appeal. A large staircase can be difficult to clean and maintain – here are some top tips for keeping it looking fabulous for years to come.

Take care of wooden staircases

Wooden Flooring And PaintingMost charming staircases in period homes are made from timber, stone or metal, or perhaps a combination. If you have wooden stairs then these will definitely show wear and tear over time. Common problems with timber include rot, damp under the staircase and possible infestations, as well as creaking treads. As soon as you identify a problem get it repaired by a specialist straight away to prevent any further problems down the line. Badly worn treads need to be replaced.


Choose a deep carpet

Most grand staircases are carpeted, to give an extravagant feel and also to prevent wear and tear on the steps themselves. Dark carpets perform better and will need replacing less often – we recommend black, grey, brown or red. Lighter colours such as beige will show dirt very easily, and garish colours will not match the grandeur of the structure.

Don’t strip all wood

If you’re looking to modernise your property, you may think about stripping any painted sections and giving your staircase a rustic look. However, remember that traditionally only the best hardwoods were left untouched. Pine and other softwoods were always painted and do look better coated, so don’t be tempted to strip them.

Pay attention to the handrail

The handrail of a staircase is possibly what people notice the most, as they reach out to touch it. This means close attention must be paid to the handrail, especially if it is made from wood. Keep it looking fresh by sanding and repainting it every few years, and having any cracked or broken sections repaired by a carpenter. You want it to feel smooth for guests ascending or descending the stairs.

As with most structural features which are present in older homes, staircases can take quite a bit of looking after. However, it’s so worth it to see the final product.

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