How to Make Your Décor Look More Expensive

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Every homeowner wants their décor to make a good impression and look more expensive than it is. However most of us can’t afford to redecorate constantly and always have the latest must-buys. That’s why when you do decide to have an interior makeover, you should take extra care to make sure it will look striking for years to come.

Creating a lavish look in every single room may not be achievable – so focus on the rooms which are most important. Alternatively, if you want to transform the entire house then choose a running theme so all of your room décor complements one another. So how do you take your interiors from average to luxurious? Follow these top tips from the experts at Steve Lively.

Living Room Decorating

Less is More

You’ve probably heard this all before – but less really is more if you want to establish a classic and affluent look. It can be tempting to buy everything you love and display it on every shelf and table. However, this can often look busy, unorganised and even tacky, so it’s best to keep decorations to a minimal. The same applies to the walls – just a couple of staple pieces such as a decorative mirror and piece of artwork is enough in most rooms.

Hire a Professional

If you really want the look of luxury, then you may need a helping hand. If you lack the creativity needed to transform your house, then why not hire an interior designer? They should be able to bring your vision to life on a set budget. Another way to make the décor look more expensive is by getting an expert painter and decorator to carry out the makeover. Professional artisans such as Steve Lively use the highest quality products and make sure work is finished with expert attention to detail. Sometimes a DIY wallpaper job can look extremely amateur, which will leave you further away from the lavish décor vision.
The Steve Lively team on a project

Don’t Follow the Trends

What sets apart a normal home décor from an impressive, expensive-looking interior? A lavish look is created with classic, staple furnishings and pieces. This means that with every choice you make you need to ask yourself – will this still be stylish in ten years’ time? Or will it be outdated? It’s often best not to get caught up in design trends, and instead go for a classic appeal.

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