How to Stay Sane During a Renovation

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Home RenovationRenovations can be hard work, whether you’re having a new kitchen fitted or simply sprucing up be bedroom. With an endless barrage of dust and intrusion, even renovation works which only last a couple of days can be really stressful. To make sure your project is as hassle-free as possible, here are a few tips for staying sane while your home is temporarily transformed into a building site.



Find your privacy

It can be very uncomfortable having strangers in your home for most of the day. When they arrive, figure out a space where they won’t need to enter, and make them aware that this is your space during the project. Make your smaller living quarters comfortable and move everything you’ll need into that room. Always close the doors and windows of your private space to prevent dust and dirt filtering in.

Prepare in advance

You know that builders and decorators can be disruptive and cause quite a lot of mess, so it’s important to prepare your home before they arrive. Try and empty completely the room which they will be working in, and decide if they should enter via the front or back door. Then you can go about protecting your furniture and furnishings in the hallway and any other pathways. Dust sheets are a great idea, as is tape for windows and doors.

Choose a Pro

A good tradesperson can make a home renovation a lot less stressful for a client and their family. Before you choose who you’d like to carry out the work, make sure you do lots of research and ask around the local community for recommendations. Although there are plenty of useful websites for finding a professional to hire, sometimes it’s good to choose a company which has flourished through word of mouth recommendations and testimonials. This shows their work is of high quality and they have many satisfied customers.

Plan for pets and kids

Building work can have a distinct impact on children and pets, so depending on the length of time that renovations will be taking place, it may be worth organising other accommodation for them. Maybe a friend could look after the dog as it could escape while builders are entering and exiting the property regularly. You may want to have your kids stay with a relative so they are protected from the dust and paint fumes.

Follow these tips and your home improvements should be less stressful for you. If you have any more advice let us know!

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