Let There be Light: A Guide to Replacing Sash Windows

Now that the clocks have gone forward we can finally enjoy lighter, longer days and celebrate everything about the spring season. The sun is shining more often, flowers are blooming and it’s a little easier to get up early in the morning now that it’s nice and bright. This is perhaps the best time of year to enjoy the views from your window – unless they are beyond repair.

Spring scenes from your windows can’t be enjoyed to their potential unless the windows are maintained to a high standard. Sash windows especially can look beautiful open or closed, but they also need a lot of looking after. This type of window isn’t built to stand the test of time, however a light renovation service can repair and update sash windows and bring them back to life.

Does the window actually need replacing?

With age, movement of sash windows can become restricted and frames can become rotted. At this point it may be tempted to try and replace the windows – but what if we told you that was unnecessary? There are many reasons to try and avoid replacing sash windows. Firstly, it can take a long time to receive the permission to replace them if you live in a listed building or period property, even if you are having the exact same windows fitted. Secondly, such a large project can be avoided by having the current windows renovated. The sash windows till be transformed and actually look brand new, without any of the hassle of having building works.

An image of a window that needs replacing

What is included in light renovation?

Our tailored light renovation service is designed to update your sash windows and bring them into the modern world. Whether the problems with your windows are functional or aesthetic – or both – Steve Lively can remedy them and return your windows to prime condition. Tired and worn sash windows can often need parts replacing, such as the weights or the sash-cords, which our specialists will get to work on straight away. Then we can take care of the window frames on the interior and exterior, repairing any cracks and repainting them to look like new.

Having your windows restored is a better option than replacing them altogether. If our light renovation specialists think the window is past restoration, of course we will tell you and advise you to replace it instead – however this is rarely the case.

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