Let There be Light: A Guide to Replacing Sash Windows

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Now that the clocks have gone forward we can finally enjoy lighter, longer days and celebrate everything about the spring season. The sun is shining more often, flowers are blooming and it’s a little easier to get up early in the morning now that it’s nice and bright. This is perhaps the best time of year to enjoy the views from your window – unless they are beyond repair.

Spring scenes from your windows can’t be enjoyed to their potential unless the windows are maintained to a high standard. Sash windows especially can look beautiful open or closed, but they also need a lot of looking after. This type of window isn’t built to stand the test of time, however a light renovation service can repair and update sash windows and bring them back to life.
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Why Wallpaper Makes The Best Feature Walls

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wallpaper best featuresFeature walls have become a staple in many houses. Step into almost any home on any street and we’re guaranteed you’ll see at least one feature wall taking pride of place in the lounge or dining room.

It’s not surprising that many of us are embracing this design trend. After all, a striking statement wall is all it takes to transform an otherwise ordinary room from drab to fab. Wallpaper adds a stylish warmth and depth that monotone paint simply cannot. Fascinating textures and beautiful prints add a modern twist to the décor of a room, while feature walls covered in wallpaper can be used to create a designer look in any space. Working in almost any location, feature walls are perfect for adding personality and excitement to large living spaces where you want to make a statement, or by emphasising small spaces that need to impress without overpowering.

The choice between paint and wallpaper has much been debated. Here we highlight the benefits of using wallpaper to create a breathtaking feature wall that will be a talking point for visitors for years to come…
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What Should You Do To Prepare For Spring?

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Violet Flowers

Despite what the weather might suggest, spring has definitely sprung; the clocks have gone back, daffodils are starting to appear in every front garden, and the smell of cut grass is in the air.

The winter months are long, cold, and dark and whether we realise it or not, winter has a detrimental effect on our homes. Fresh air is limited due to the Great British weather, making our houses feel stuffy and appear dull, while the dark nights are extremely good at concealing dust, dirt, and those little DIY jobs we were meaning to get round to but haven’t quite found the time to tackle. As spring is the season that promotes new life and new beginnings, now is the perfect time to inject new-found energy into your home.

Keep reading to see our top five tips on getting your home ready for spring and the benefits of doing so.
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Why Should I Choose a Professional Decorator?

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Pinterest, Tumblr, and the internet at large are partly to blame for suggesting that everyone should choose to “do it yourself” when it comes to interior design. In fact, some seem to suggest that not doing it yourself is a failing.  But there are many reasons why people choose interior designers and professional decorators that have nothing to do with being unable or unwilling to handle their own projects. Read More

Colour Psychology in Interior Design

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While colour psychology might be a bit controversial from a scientific point of view, there’s no denying that certain palettes are better at evoking certain ambiences.  If you’re embarking on a new interior project in your home, understanding the psychology behind the colours used in home décor is an absolute must. Read More

3 Reasons to Choose Quality over Cost When it Comes to Your Home

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If you search for information about home décor and interior design, you’ll inevitably find a multitude of articles and blogs extolling cheap and easy ways to update the look of your living space.  And indeed, there are many inexpensive ways to do so.  However, what many of these tips and tricks fail to recognize is that by sacrificing quality in the name of cost, you’re not doing your home (or yourself) any favours. Here’s why. Read More

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