Top 10 Tips for Creating a Cosy Feel in any Room

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Even though many homeowners crave more space, sometimes large rooms can be devoid of the cosy, warm and homely feeling that all homes need. Whether it’s a lounge, bedroom or bathroom, there are some tricks of the trade which you can use to make any room feel cosier.

Paint the walls two different colours

Most of the time it’s a trick of the eyes which makes a room feel warm or cold, small or large, snug or empty. For rooms with tall ceilings, a great way to make it seem like there is less vertical space is to go for a two tone colour scheme on the walls. If you have some sort of border or fireplace this is a great way to start. Neutral and pastel shades work well, and one half of the wall can be white or cream. This paint effect makes the ceilings appear lower and therefore creates a cosier feel.

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Place furniture together

If you have a large space to fill it is tempting to place the sofas, chairs and coffee tables far apart. But the large gap emphasises the empty space! Group pieces of furniture together, perhaps in corners of the room or around a fireplace, to create cosy pockets.

Daybed or chaise longue

If you have a particularly large bedroom or living room, it’s ok to split it up into two areas. Using a low piece of furniture such as a chaise longue or a daybed is a great way to do this.

L shaped sofa

Another way of creating a separate zone in one room is with a large L shaped sofa. This can help to section off the seating area from the rest of the room, giving a cosy feel when you sit down to relax.

Fireplace feature

If you already have a natural fireplace then this is a great place to have a cosy seating area. If not, why not have one installed – a real or electric fire can make a huge difference to the warmth and comfortable atmosphere in the room. You could even have two if the room is big enough.

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In a large room, rugs are definitely your friend. In the bedroom go for an oversized rug which covers the area under you bed and a large perimeter around it. In other spaces you can have a collection of rugs to add warmth.

Horizontal stripe wallpaper

Bare walls can make a room feel cold and bare. Using wallpaper on a feature wall can make a world of difference, especially if you go for a warming colour such as red, brown or navy. Horizontal stripes are also a good idea for making high ceilings less daunting. Make sure you trust an expert for your wallpapering job if you’ve never attempted a feature wall before.


Getting the lighting right is essential for a cosy atmosphere. Large rooms need plenty of different light sources placed around the room, from standing lamps to wall lamps and candles.


It’s hard to feel cosy in a space without adding cushions. A great collection of cushions of all sizes, shapes and colours work really well. In addition to comfy sofa, how about a reading corner with a fluffy rug, beanbags and large cushions for relaxing?

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Personal finishing touches

For a true cosy feel, you need to create an environment you can truly relax in which you love. It’s the small things that can make a big difference – motivational quotes, family photographs, meaningful trinkets and souvenirs.

Follow these ten steps and any room can become the cosiest room in the house!

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