Top Design Mistakes to Avoid

crossEveryone has their own personal tastes, but there are still some rules you need to follow when it comes to interior design. Whether it’s a major clutter alert or you’ve tried to create too many styles in the same room, there are quite a few decorating mistakes which homeowners should try to avoid. Here are some of the most common interior design sins you shouldn’t commit:

Going overboard on lighting


A huge, brilliant chandelier can really have the wow factor when you enter a room – but does the brightness of the light make you squint? Lighting is an essential part of creating mood and ambience in a room, and there is nothing worse than overhead lights which are too bright. Use soft bulbs and install dimmers where you can. Even better, try to have other lighting options such as standing lamps so you don’t need to use overhead lighting when you are trying to relax.

Too many patterns


If minimalist isn’t your thing then that’s fine – but try to limit your colours and patterns. If your wallpaper, carpet and curtains all have a different pattern then you have a major clash. We’re not saying make sure every single furnishing matches, but perhaps opting for a plain colour rather than a pattern every once in a while will improve the entire room.

Furniture against the walls


Most of us do this without even realising – we don’t even consider other layouts. But why is it that we should push all our living room furniture against a wall? Especially in large rooms, utilise the space and make it more intimate by positioning furniture closer together. There is no need for everything to be arranged around the perimeter and a large open space in the centre.

Not colour testing


So you’ve decided to paint your walls a new colour, something fashionable, on trend and totally new for your home. It’s not what you’d usually pick but you’re sure it will go with the rest of the room and complement the furnishings. But after painting an entire wall, you realise that the shade isn’t really what it appeared on the tin, and actually it isn’t right for the room. Huge mistake!

Not considering your lifestyle


Sometimes you may buy things which you fell in love with, but don’t reflect your lifestyle and therefore mount up to a rather large mistake. Common examples include a white rug or sofa if you own a large dog, or a huge dining room table for the two of you when you don’t entertain too often.

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