Top Tips for Brightening up Spaces in the Dark Winter Months

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Living RoomThe long, dark winter is rapidly approaching, and it can leave our homes looking somewhat lacklustre. Rooms we once loved can become dark and dreary, and the extended hours of darkness and hibernation can make many people hate their own homes. Rather than spending the winter locked up with the winter blues, follow our top tips for brightening up your home to enjoy the season.

A Trick of Light

With the simple use of mirrors, you can make so much more use of what natural light you do have. Hang a large mirror opposite a window and as it reflects the light, and a dark space will be instantly uplifted. You can also use smaller decorative mirrors around the home to maximise light in dull corners.

Make a Feature Wall

If all the walls in a room are decorated exactly the same, it can be a pretty boring room to spend lots of time in. Draw the attention to a certain accent and make a focal point on your chosen wall. The feature wall in a lounge is usually the chimney breast or where the fireplace is, but it’s entirely up to you where you want your feature.

The fun part is deciding on your feature – it can be as extravagant or as subtle as you wish. For a contemporary styled home, a large piece of art or wall hanging may be appropriate. You may just wish to wallpaper one wall with some colourful florals. A big trend at the moment is living walls – which is a great way to breathe life into rooms during winter. House plants have proven to have many positive benefits and they also work to make a space look more appealing.

Fresh Paint

You’ll be amazed at what difference a fresh lick of paint can make. If your colour palette is stuck in the past, there is never a better time to update it for 2016. Neutrals are always a great choice and lighter walls can work to reflect light, while darker colours absorb it.

Mood Lighting

There’s no denying that we have to rely heavily on artificial light during the winter months. Experiment with different types of soft lighting and candles to create a space you want to spend time in. Furniture with spotlights built in and floor lamps are usually preferred in the evening to big bright overhead lights.

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