Top Tips for Dressing your Windows

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Large windows are one of the most desired features of a home, so if you are lucky enough to have casement windows, sash windows or a large bay window you should enjoy dressing your window area. However, sometimes the size can make this difficult. Frame the views of your gardens with the correct window dressing – read on for some top tips from our interior design experts.

Colourful Window Dressing

Curtains, blinds or drapes?

This is one of the most common questions asked by homeowners – where do you start with window furnishing? There is no correct answer, as all will give a different effect for the window, and you can also use a combination. Also bear in mind that you don’t have to have matching window dressings throughout the house; it should reflect the room décor so one window could have drapes and blinds where another should utilise curtains.

You may also choose to change your window dressings with the season, which is recommended by many interior designers. Heavy curtains can add warmth in winter but look too thick and full for spring and summer. Similarly if you redecorate a room, you should consider the window dressing option and change it so it complements the feel of the entire room.

If you are still undecided on whether to choose curtains, blinds or voile, think about their practical functions. Blinds are great for privacy, ie. Lower floor windows, and drapes are perfect for letting in light. If you have too much light in some rooms for example a bedroom or a cinema room, then curtains or blackout blinds are the ideal choice.

The perfect length

Lots of homeowners struggle with finding the correct length for their curtains or drapes. The perfect length actually depends how you want the window dressing to hang and sit. If you have straight curtains or drapes, an inch off the floor is ideal so they fall straight at each side of the frame and elongate the entire window. If you like to sweep your curtains back then it looks best if they kiss the floor. For a more modern look, drapes can be hung in the centre of a window, gathered in the middle and then rest on the floor in a puddle effect.

Colours and patterns

On very large windows, bright colours or patterns can be a little overwhelming, and take attention away from the rest of the décor. For a softer look, choose drapes in a colour which fits in with the wall. If you want the window to be the statement, then choose a different colour to create contrast.

Remember, window dressing shouldn’t be used to cover up windows in disrepair – make sure your sash or casement windows are in prime condition, and your window dressing of choice will be even more effective.

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