The Latest Wallpaper Trends

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wallpaperCreative wall designs are made so much easier with wallpaper. Luxury wallpaper has the power to completely transform a room, even if you only use it on one small wall. This is why it adds so much value to home interiors, while being fairly cost effective and low maintenance. After all, paint needs touching up but wallpaper is for life.

Here at Steve Lively we are big fans of wallpapering and love helping clients to choose the right designs for the atmosphere they are trying to create within their homes. We’ve rounded up some of the latest wallpaper trends for you to consider:

Exposed brick

exposed brickThe industrial style has been popular for a few years now, and it seems as if this trend is set to continue. Exposed brick walls look fantastic in many homes and public spaces, but it isn’t always possible to chip back at your real wall and simply have a cold display of old brickwork. If it’s too much effort or your real bricks aren’t worthy of showing off, you can find some very convincing brick wallpaper. Try it on one wall for a cosy effect.



Chunky stripes

chunky stripesHorizontal stripes have often been avoided on walls, but in fact when done right stripes can really lift a room. Go for thick, chunky stripes in blocks of colour on a feature wall, and you’ll give a tired room a modern and colourful boost. This design can also be used on walls with a chimney breast, just in the wide alcoves for a pop of colour.





metalicsThe trend for metallic is on the rise in home interiors, and where better to embrace it than on your walls. Copper, gold and silver designs are more popular than ever before, and they help to create warm accents within a room. You can then incorporate the metallic theme into your home accessories.


Wallpaper – just for walls?

As well as wallpaper design trends, there are also plenty of new ways to use wallpaper around the home, with a movement towards experimentation. We are seeing much more of textured wallpaper, which not only looks great on the walls but can also be used in other spaces. For example, wallpapering the back of bookcases for a subtle stylish addition, or even the panelling on the back of internal doors.

Many homeowners are also playing with new ideas for ceiling design – including wallpapering. It is more popular to choose neutral designs, however why not be daring and add a colourful design to your ceiling? This could be used as a pop art effect in the bedroom or give a metallic glow to a dining room.

Have we inspired you to try wallpaper for the first time, or replace a tired looking design? Have a look at our wallpapering service and we can take care of everything for you, even sourcing the right style.

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