What Does Your Living Room say About You?

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In a similar way to fashion, the way we dress our homes says a lot about a person. Not only is interior design a form of self-expression which can give away signs about somebody’s style and tastes, but it can also give an insight into a person’s hobbies and lifestyle. For example it’s not just the colours you choose to decorate with, but how you arrange your furniture and what items you have in your lounge which can be telling secrets into the life you lead.

Paint vs Wallpaper

A living room should be comfortable yes, but we also want it to make an impression and match our personality. Sometimes it can go further, and you can even guess what kind of career people have, their age, their income if they have expensive taste, and where they like to go on holiday. Read on for some giveaways you can often find in a home’s lounge or living room.

Minimalist décor with white walls and furniture

If your living room looks clean and modern, and you think less is more, this shows that you keep up with the trends and you are probably middle aged or younger. You have no pets as you love the colour white, and probably no children as there’s little clutter around.

A large space with lots of comfy seating and an array of technology

This is the kind of living room you see on celebrity TV shows in their homes. There are few ornaments and momentos, which gives the impression of a bachelor pad. There are gadgets everywhere, including a flatscreen TV, impressive wireless music systems and funky lighting, which also suggests a good salary.

A room with lots of storage and a busy coffee table

This lounge is full to the brim of stuff, suggesting a large family live in it. The bookcases are full, there are cabinets concealing more paraphernalia and the coffee table is full of books, games and travel magazines. The walls are also pretty busy, with a lot of family photographs and inspirational quotes. This living room tells us the family like to read, are too busy to tidy up and like to travel when they can.

An oriental inspired décor with minimal furniture

This living room has lots of different colours and prints, but an oriental theme throughout to piece it together. Low sofas and perhaps beanbags or scatter cushions, with Buddha statues dotted around the room. The person who lives here enjoys yoga and keeping fit, and likes to travel to exotic places.

What do you think your living room says about you? If you need to spruce up your lounge then why not trust our professional painters and decorators?

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