What Should You Do To Prepare For Spring?

Posted by | March 29, 2016 | lounge, Renovation, Trends | No Comments

Violet Flowers

Despite what the weather might suggest, spring has definitely sprung; the clocks have gone back, daffodils are starting to appear in every front garden, and the smell of cut grass is in the air.

The winter months are long, cold, and dark and whether we realise it or not, winter has a detrimental effect on our homes. Fresh air is limited due to the Great British weather, making our houses feel stuffy and appear dull, while the dark nights are extremely good at concealing dust, dirt, and those little DIY jobs we were meaning to get round to but haven’t quite found the time to tackle. As spring is the season that promotes new life and new beginnings, now is the perfect time to inject new-found energy into your home.

Keep reading to see our top five tips on getting your home ready for spring and the benefits of doing so.


Open all your doors and windows to get rid of the winter smells. You might not realise it, but odours can linger and air get stale. Five months of limited fresh air really take their toll and make interiors musty and dry. By airing the space, you neutralise the last dusty, dull vestiges of winter and make your house feel fresh and bright without the use of chemicals.


Flowers and plants are a cheap way of injecting new life into your home. A few carefully placed plants and a vase of flowers on a dining room table will immediately lift a room and make it appear brighter and more spring like with minimal effort. Adding some greenery into your house also has amazing health benefits, such as increasing oxygen levels and thus creating a healthier living space.


Still got unused presents lying around from Christmas? Let them go! If you haven’t used them by now, the chances are you never will. So give them to a friend, donate them to the local charity shop or better still, gather up everything you haven’t used this year and start selling things on eBay. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure after all.


Closed curtains and heavy blankets are great at concealing dirt, stains and marks. Once these have been squirreled away until the winter months return, your house can seem altogether filthy. So take advantage of your newly-created space and give your house a good clean – you’ll be surprised at how fresh and light it seems after a good going over with Mr Muscle.


Spring is the perfect time to decorate. It’s light enough to see colours in natural lighting, warm enough to have the windows open to help dry paint and wallpaper paste, and is filled with colours to inspire your creativity. Decorating your home in spring can help you create the look you’ve always wanted and help you fall back in love with the house you bought all those years ago.

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