What is Farrow & Ball Paint?

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farrow and ball paintingYou’ve probably heard of Farrow & Ball – after all it’s a revered British brand which has been producing paint and wallpaper since the 1950s. However, many people aren’t aware of what makes it different from other standard paints.Here at Steve Lively Artisan Painters and Decorators, we’re a huge fan of Farrow & Ball so we thought we’d let you into a few trade secrets to let you know why it sits at the high end of the paint market.


The Farrow & Ball paints are made using premium quality natural ingredients and age-old production methods, which produce a rich pigment unrivalled by other paints. During production, each pot of paint is meticulously checked and tested before it reaches the tin to ensure it has the signature colour depth and richness expected of Farrow & Ball. The strong pigments not only look amazing in any interior space, but it also ensures the paint lasts much longer and gives a luxurious feel to a room.

Farrow and BallBeautiful shades and beautiful names

F & B doesn’t produce your standard colour palette. The brand currently boasts a palette of 132 shades – every single shade ever produced is still available. The paints come in a range of finishes, spanning the entire spectrum from traditional to contemporary. Forget ink-based low-quality paint – these shades are unique and often referred to as a ‘heritage’ collection.

Another quirky attribute is the names given to each shade – which homeowners won’t forget in a hurry. The name of each paint is certainly distinguishing, and many have a personal story behind them. Some are inspired by nature or works of art, others inspired by people; friends and family of Farrow & Ball themselves.


One major difference between F & B paints and cheaper options is its eco-friendly qualities. The company are committed to the environment, so produce water based paints which are low in VOCs. These are typically in most paint, and evaporate as it dries – polluting the environment and leaving a strong, nasty smell in your home. Farrow & Ball paints contain minimum VOCs and have a low odour which is great for your home, and a green choice for the environment.

We love using Farrow & Ball on internal joinery in addition to walls – its high pigment shades are even well suited to furniture. It’s a great choice for homeowners who are watching their carbon footprint, but who don’t want to compromise flawless décor. However we don’t exclusively use F & B – our painting service allows you to choose whichever brand you prefer, but if you ask our advice we will often recommend a Farrow & Ball shade.

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