Why Should I Choose a Professional Decorator?

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Pinterest, Tumblr, and the internet at large are partly to blame for suggesting that everyone should choose to “do it yourself” when it comes to interior design. In fact, some seem to suggest that not doing it yourself is a failing.  But there are many reasons why people choose interior designers and professional decorators that have nothing to do with being unable or unwilling to handle their own projects.

  1. You’ll save money

That’s right. Contrary to what many bloggers would have you believe, the DIY route is frequently a false economy, but it’s true.  You’ll increase the value of your home, plus you’ll avoid making mistakes that can be far more costly in the long run by using a professional.

  1. A professional decorator can help you see possibilities you didn’t know you had

At the very least, consider hiring a professional decorator to carry out an assessment. You may have a very clear idea of what you want from your new space, but you’re only working from a list of possibilities you are already aware of. What if a professional decorator can open you up to new ideas you didn’t even know were possible?

The Steve Lively team on a project

  1. A professional decorator can help you plan your renovations effectively

Even if your design preferences are already set in stone, there is a way to carry out your renovation that will result in the quickest and most professional results at the lowest prices (and with the lowest amount of inconvenience). Is it better to rewire first, or update the plumbing? Should you replace the bathtub first, or the sink? These may seem like trivial questions, but they often have greater weight than you might think.

  1. A professional can help you budget more realistically

No matter how thoroughly you research, there are likely to be hidden costs in your renovations that you’ll be unaware of until you’re midway through the process. These unforeseen costs can cause increasingly complex issues when it comes to finishing your interior décor. But a professional knows what to expect and can help you budget effectively, eliminating unwanted surprises.

  1. Networking

No matter how much you do decide to do yourself in terms of your interior design, there will undoubtedly be some elements you wish to utilise professional services for.  Having a professional decorator by your side can make finding the right people for the right jobs completely effortless.

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