Why Wallpaper Makes The Best Feature Walls

wallpaper best featuresFeature walls have become a staple in many houses. Step into almost any home on any street and we’re guaranteed you’ll see at least one feature wall taking pride of place in the lounge or dining room.

It’s not surprising that many of us are embracing this design trend. After all, a striking statement wall is all it takes to transform an otherwise ordinary room from drab to fab. Wallpaper adds a stylish warmth and depth that monotone paint simply cannot. Fascinating textures and beautiful prints add a modern twist to the décor of a room, while feature walls covered in wallpaper can be used to create a designer look in any space. Working in almost any location, feature walls are perfect for adding personality and excitement to large living spaces where you want to make a statement, or by emphasising small spaces that need to impress without overpowering.

The choice between paint and wallpaper has much been debated. Here we highlight the benefits of using wallpaper to create a breathtaking feature wall that will be a talking point for visitors for years to come…

More options

Yes, there are a vast array of paint colours available (you can even match your dining room wall to your favourite jumper after all), however paint only offers matte and satin finishes, meaning it’s very hard to create the look you were after if texture is your thing. Wallpaper on the other hand comes in an inspiring array of designs, complete with a tremendous selection of beautiful finishes. Pearl, glitter, raised inks, suede and embossed –to name but a few – are all readily available, allowing you to create the perfect space and indulge in a lavish design that you wouldn’t necessarily want covering an entire room.

Wallpaper adorned with large, graphic patterns is bang on trend and will add depth to a large room, while a detailed paper with an intricate floral pattern will inject a feminine touch into a lifeless guest bedroom or create an inspiring space for a home office.

Wallpaper is much longer lasting

Properly hung wallpaper will last three times as long as paint, making it a cost-effective alternative to digging out your paintbrushes and rollers in the long run. Wallpaper is extremely hard-wearing in high traffic areas too, lasting up to 15 years. Paint on the other hand is much more likely to chip, crack and become marked or stained, so the need for touch ups is more frequent.

No need to call in a plasterer

Wallpaper covers a multitude of sins. Hiding imperfections on wall surfaces, small cracks and uneven plastering, wallpaper almost eliminates the need for skimming – saving you both time and money.

Wallpaper is timeless

Remember a time before wallpaper? No, us neither. Wallpaper has been around longer than we care to remember, so that wallpaper you’re thinking of hanging will still look chic and up to date in five years’ time. Transform a room instantly with a delicate stripe feature wall, use wallpaper to make a room that feels too big instantly cosier with a dark striking patterned paper, or adorn a chimney breast with large leaf patterns and bring the outside in. The choice is yours.

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