Artisan Painting And Decorating Services




We have years of experience painting a variety of interior and exterior surfaces in period properties, heritage buildings and luxury modern homes. Our artisan painting service includes a full consultation during which we will discuss your project at length and we will offer our impartial advice on colour matching and quality paints.

We recommend a range of brands for different jobs, including Farrow & Ball and Dulux Trade, but we can also source any paint you choose. We also have access to a range of eco-friendly paints which are generally not available at most UK decorating outlets, for clients with an environmental conscience.
We’ll help you get the desired effect whether we’re painting walls, floorboards, beams or external joinery. Get in touch to discuss your project and receive a free quote. Read more…



Wallpapering can be a difficult job which has disastrous consequences when it goes wrong. Many people like to entrust wallpapering projects to professionals such as Steve Lively, who will ensure the outcome looks seamless and professional. Whether you’d just like one feature wall or chimney breast papered, or an entire room and ceiling, we can deliver high quality installation in all styles of houses.

We like to work with the finest wallpaper and will recommend a number of premium options to you – we’ll also advise on quantities and how much to order, taking into consideration windows and doors and other features of the room. We can also source other brands and styles of wallpaper if you prefer.
Please note that we don’t recommend lining a wall before wallpapering or painting. Often this is designed to cover up damp spots and hide blemishes instead of tackling the root of the problem. If you’d like to discuss your wallpapering project please get in contact today. Read more…


Light Renovation


If you are renovating a room, then why stop at the walls? Windows, especially windows in historic buildings, can lose their appeal over time and require restoration on the inside and outside. With age, layers of paint can build up, putties grow old and can drop out and sash bars struggle from years of sanding and painting. Steve Lively and his qualified team can restore withered windows to their prime condition and function, by replacing parts and giving them a fresh coat of long lasting, quality paint. Many homeowners end up replacing old windows when they don’t need to, which is extremely difficult with heritage and listed buildings.

Steve Lively can also repair and renovate walls before painting or wallpapering. Very often they don’t need a whole new coat of plaster, but just a few minor repairs and good preparation. With older buildings especially, it is always advisable to try and repair what is there rather than take risks replacing windows and other features. Want to learn more about our light renovation service? Call or email us today. Read more…

Floor Sanding & Other Surfaces


When decorating the rest of the room, we are happy to include our sanding service for your floorboards as part of the project. Please note we prefer to leave parquet treatments to parquet specialists and cannot offer our sanding or other services as a standalone service.

Our expert sanders know just how to achieve a rustic or traditional look. We recommend three to four sandings of gradually diminishing sandpaper grade, which will restore floorboards back to its original, natural looking appearance. Following this we treat floorboards with three coats of a water based product that hardens within 72 hours and will last for years to come. Our floorboard service is suitable for areas with high footfall, such as hallways and public spaces.
We are also happy to accommodate other requests when working in your home, such as painting gates and fencing, ironwork or other decorative features inside or outside of our property. Speak to us today to find out more. Read more…