Light Renovation Services

Many people replace old sashes and casement windows unnecessarily, and at great cost.  Additionally, with listed buildings, it can often take several months to submit to the jurisdiction of the local conservation officer for approval to replace even like for like windows and fittings.  With age, layers of paint build up and restrict movement, putties get old and drop out and window sash bars appear thinned through years of sanding and painting.  All of this gives rise to a tired or mistaken rotted look that can often be remedied by Steve Lively who will return your windows to prime condition and function.  Often with old windows, the hardware, weights and sash-cords will also need replacing, all of which we can arrange as part of the project works.

The same repair or renovate dilemma often applies to walls.  Why delay your project waiting for the newly skimmed plaster walls to dry out, when all that was required in the first place was proper preparation and a few minor repairs that we could have corrected with a good quality filler?  Also, with the advent of modern day Building Control regulations, one should always try to repair what is there rather than risk triggering other consequences where wall or floor surfaces (or other “thermal elements”) might otherwise be replaced.