Artisan Painting Services

We are happy to use any paint manufacturer and colour combination you specify but we will always try to advise you on what is most suitable, depending on the age and character of your property.  For external joinery, we often recommend the Dulux Trade range which tends to be a bit more expensive but generally lasts longer and does not significantly yellow with age as some brands are prone to.  For emulsions, we can use any range and are happy to accommodate lovers of Farrow and Ball, and their range of paints are often used on internal joinery.  However, we are not wedded to any particular product and for those customers focused on their carbon footprint, we also have access to a range of eco-friendly, scented paints from a specialist Italian supplier that are generally not available through the usual UK decorating outlets.

For old beams, handrails and floorboards, we usually work from a small selection of good quality brands and can help you choose the right effect for your project.