Wallpapering Services

Whether an accent wall, or the entire room (including ceiling if you would like!), we are happy to use your paper of choice.  Again, good preparation is the key to a professional, lasting job and a quality paper will normally last for many years with the correct installation.  We will help you in ensuring that the correct amount is ordered and matching batches is also critical to avoid colour shading differences.  Quantity required will not only depend on obvious parameters such as wall heights and widths and number of window and door openings: pattern repeat dimensions are also important when ordering, which we can help you with or take care of for you.  Be careful though with ceilings, we don’t generally recommend it, as it is almost impossible to pattern match.

Sometimes people will line a wall before painting or wall-papering.  Often this is designed to cover up damaged or uneven surfaces and hide blemishes: almost equally as often, this is an unnecessary step, substituted for poor preparation or for hiding damp spots, which we do not recommend.